Case Assessment

Case Assessment

It’s our firm’s experience that most people looking for a consultation mainly ask general questions. Consultations of this nature have a very limited use to the prospective client.  If you are looking for general information then you will find a lot throughout our website. This information will provide many answers to routine questions people ask attorneys during consultations.

The value of meeting with a lawyer is to have the lawyer apply the laws relating to your family law action to the specific facts of your case. This is probably the actual information that the prospective client is looking for. An example of where a question depends on the specific facts of your case not just that you have children is: “Will I get child support?” “If so, how much?”, “How will it be calculated?”, or “Will I have to pay child support?”.  When you are looking for specific advice depending on the facts of your case it is unlikely that any amount of reading will be able to provide you a specific answer.

The best way to utilize a lawyer is to get information that will be specific to your case after you have provided the lawyer your information and have them prepare to meet with you to discuss the facts of your case and apply the law to those facts. This is called a case assessment. When you just meet with an attorney for a consultation most of your time will be spent providing this information which causes the lawyer to fish out the relevant details. The end result is an educated guess regarding your case regarding the information that was obtained during the time allotted for your consultation.

When we have a case assessment we provide you with specific family law advice to you about your situation. We will ask you to provide information about your case prior to meeting so that we can prepare to meet with you. The main benefit to this assessment is the preparation that is done in advance for meeting. We will have the relevant facts prior to sitting down so we can get an idea of what you are facing before we sit down and before you go to court.

To take advantage of a Case Assessment, the process is simple:

  • We will contact you and we provide you a questionnaire for you to complete and return to us before we meet.  This is the information that will let us prepare for our meeting.
  • we will schedule the Session as soon as possible.
  • the assessment lasts as long as necessary to discuss possible solutions and probable outcomes of your case.

To request the questionnaire and schedule a Case Assessment, please fill out this request for us to call you; or call us when you’re read at 407-343-7737.