Case Assessment

Assessment of Your Case and Answering Your Questions

Carpenter Law was founded in 2002 by Attorney W. Joy Carpenter.  From that day we started business, Carpenter Law made a commitment to take the time to talk to people and try to help them even if the law firm is not retained.  Most of our initial case assessments are free and without charge.  We have a busy court and office schedule, but if the attorneys are available, we pick up the phone and talk to you directly.  We answer questions and give answers about your case.  Carpenter Law gladly guides you to self help information so that you can be proactive in tracking and scheduling your case.

Sometimes people call and just want general information.  Perhaps you don't know if you need an attorney or whether your case needs to be filed in the Court.  We try to answer your questions and discuss your options and how Carpenter Law may be able to assist.  

We enjoy meeting with potential clients in our historic building located on South Vernon Avenue near downtown Kissimmee just behind the Courthouse, so if in person meeting is what you would like we coordinate and schedule one as soon as possible.  Most of our clients want some information over the phone before setting a time to come.  Get your questions ready and we will try to answer them.  Carpenter Law is willing to discuss payment plans which may work for you and your family.  Some of our clients retain Carpenter Law in stages so they can be sure the paperwork is done correctly and the proper documents are presented to the Court.  We discuss the possibility of waiving your filing fee owed to the Court and how you can apply.

At Carpenter Law we encourage our clients to get involved in the litigation process and be an active team member on their case.  We try to educate you on how the procedure of the Court will work in your case and encourage you to seek information even if we are fully representing you.  For instance, if you have a child or children in common with your spouse or a person you are not married to, you will most likely be required to have a Court ordered parenting plan which can be done by the agreement of the parties or ordered by the Court.  Here is the link to the parenting plan on the State of Florida website which has a wealth of information for you and your family

This is the standard parenting plan.  There is also a safety focused plan and a parenting plan for a parent who plans to relocate.  Call Carpenter Law if you have questions.  We strive to provide affordable representation and offer payment plan options on many cases.

When you schedule an appointment to discuss advance healthcare directives or Last Will and Testaments, we will explain the basics of probate, how the documents will function in your life, and how to keep your assets out of probate and in the hands of your family.  Do you know what a POD is?  Do you know a Will and a Living Will are very different documents?  Call Carpenter Law for a free and no charge consultation and case assessment; 

If you would like a case assessment and evaluation of the facts of your case :

  • Call us: 407-343-7737; log into our website Contact Us  and leave a message; 
    or email Attorney W. Joy Carpenter:
  • We will contact you to answer your questions, or to schedule a more convenient time to talk on the phone or set a face to face meeting.
  • We will schedule a time to talk and discuss the facts of your case either when you call or at the earliest time we are both available.
  • Our assessment lasts as long as needed to discuss possible solutions and probable outcomes of your case.

To request the questionnaire and schedule a Case Assessment, please fill out this request for us to call you; or call us when you’re ready at 407-343-7737.